Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FOOD - Microwave noodle bowl & vegetable cutter ☆

H E L L O  h e l l o  Beautiful  p p l ! 

I got some nice goodies as you can see on the first picture! Some of them are little gifts from and for friends & family. So, if you're reading this, thank you! 
♥ I got 2 awesome and quite interesting items which I'd love to share to you guys. Especially the first item seems pretty interesting to me. It's a microwave noodle bowl! >.< I'd definitely recommend this to college students or for people who are incredibly lazy or busy. It cooks somehow faster than the common way. Because of my curiosity have I also tried the same method before but with a normal bowl and a heavy plate as lid. It took me indeed a bit longer compared with the microwave bowl. So, it actually works somehow.

The second item is just a Bento accessory which can be added to my bento accessory collection! Even though I don't have any cooking skills, I love to make food pretty by changing the position and adding some nice food decoration on it. That item is aslo a bit nostalgic, because as a little kid I always wondered how my grandma made those beautiful flower shaped carrots. She had always been cutting by herself. I've also tried that once, but it was kinda hard to achieve such a gentle shape like how my granny had.

Thank you for reading, I'm glad that you visited my blog!

- A s h

It has also some information how many minutes you have to microwave it. My best tip is that you have to do it for 2 min on the highest wattage. Check after 2 minutes your noodles to decide how many minutes you will microwave it afterwards. I added an egg after the 2 first minutes and microwaved it 2 more minutes. In the end, it took me in total 4 minutes to cook noodles. But I prefer for the next time to microwave it 1 or 2 more minutes, because my noodles weren't not preferably hot with 4 minutes. I like to eat my food as hot as I will burn my mouth!  price: € 3,50 ($4,30)

Price: €5,50 ($ 6,70)

Yes!!! My Bento accessory collection will grow!!! (but slowly *cries*)

Add water to the water level line.

I did it for 4 minutes.

THADAA! I also added some enoki mushroom (which is my favourite mushroom),
egg and three sheets of seaweed.

With what do you like to eat noodles and what's your opinion about the 2 items?

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment!

-  A S H