Sunday, November 9, 2014

1st time henna tattoo and I ALREADY LOVE IT

Let's talk about henna tattoos?!

Hello hello,
I've always wanted a tattoo, preferably a big one which will cover my entire body. Not that I'm trying to look like a badass, but more like a mysterious person who also looks like a legendary pokémon. :]  But the problem is that I don't know what tattoo I should get. I want someting meaningful and that looks like I was born with it, just like a animal or flower with a unique pattern.

Advantage of henna
Experimenting and playing around with henna is a great way to discover what kind of tattoo design will suit you, especially if you want to design your own one.

My first attempt with henna was a bit scary, but it's not a big deal if you didn't do it perfectly. The lines are a bit softened and not 100% sharp, so that's my main reason not to panic if you made a mistake.
On the contrary, you'll be surprised at the beautiful results!

thank you for reading me
- A S H

I purchased it in Amsterdam for €4 euro I guess? 

I painted my toenails black for the ULTIMATE MAGICAL LEGENDARY LOOKING leg lol. I prefer matte black, but for some reason I threw away 70% of my nailpolish stash. :c  *sob*

Would you like to see more of my henna art?

Thank you, I hope you liked it ^^
-A S H