Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gift Idea: manga artist

I gave this to someone who reads manga all the time, has talented drawing skills and likes cute stuff.

Hello Hello,
this is going to be a short article about a simple and maybe not so special giftset which I gave it to a lovely talented girl as birthday present.

I gave her:
-A set of ''red'' pockets with cute pandas on it. Red pockets are basically red envelopes which are given on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. Most of them are red (traditionary), because some Eastern cultures believe that the color red symbolizes good luck. These aren't red
as you can see, but shimmery pastel orange.

-My Beauty Diary - Coix seed mask.
Every girl likes facial masks, even if you think that she doesn't care about her looks. It feels so fresh, smells freaking nice and flowery, has calming effects and makes your skin feel like baby butts.

I totally forgot all the information about the manga. I guess it's vol. 7 ? Anyway, I really like the cover! He's so damn beautiful. I'd definitely make a big poster of him, at least fan art or something. :3

-Sketchbook with brown paper.
It's thick paper, perfectly for layering with oily pencils.

-Drawing book for manga and comics.
High Quality paper for her beautiful drawings. ^^
Bye Bye - Thank you for reading and I hope it was a little bit helpful.

- A  s h

Bedank voor het lezen en ik hoop dat het een beetje nuttig was voor jullie. ^^

- A s h