Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ART TUTORIAL: wrinkly metallic wall/background

Just a simple tutorial to create an art effect with

HELLO hell-oh~

You ready? Because this is going to be a super easy art tutorial. After a few scrolls and pictures you'll be like OH  I GOT IT. Some of you guys have probably already figured it out or know it for a long time, but I think it's still worth to share it to the world. Personally, I find this art effect is so simple but yet so freaking beautiful. You can do this effect on whatever you want, book covers, walls, boxes etc. Great isn't it? The Picture above was just an experiment which I made in art/crafts class because of boredom. If you like this, I fully recommend you to check out the real master piece ''Tissue Paper & Metal Effects finish'' by artist Arlene McLoughlin. << my inspiration.

Thank you for reading~ I hope you enjoyed it anf feel inspired.

- Ash


I used metallic watercolour. I don't prefer using watery paint for this kind of stuff because the metallic colour is very weak which makes applying layers very difficult. I'd definitely use metallic spray when I do this again.

I hope you like it~

Bye Bye