Monday, June 15, 2015

REEBOK Instapump fury OG & KarmaloopNL REVIEW


HELLO supsup~
WARNING: A little rant
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I'll be writing (hopefully) a short review about my sneakers and a webshop called Karmaloop. Writing reviews about webshops are kinda controversial to me. It's to be honest not a big deal for me to write reviews, because it's actually pretty fun and I feel also very helpful to others who are inexperienced and want to know more about a certain webshop. But on the other side, I'm afraid to come across as some fake ass bitch who writes shit of stuff she doesn't even care about. It annoys me because I really have the feeling that she was just writing about some shit and yes, I know that everyone has the right to write about whatsoever they like, but yeah this is what disappoints me. Faking and writing without any shit given but money. Please don't get offended, loads of bloggers are super great and lovely. They're amazing and I enjoy the hell out of their articles. Shout out to cool ppl, peace.



REEBOK Instapump fury OG - (Purple / yellow) Gravel/Aubergine/Hypergreen/White (M46895)

I freakin love this. The design is great and sporty and not only that I feel like a pokemon and that's what all matters to me lol. I've decided to review this webshop after I've read some horrible reviews which made me so afraid and worrying about my purchase >.< I gotta love karmaloopNL and you know why? I've been looking for this shoe for so long. Most of the sneakershops have them but not in my size. (36 EU)


Price + 10% discount code
The price was 173,34 EUR, but I've managed to get a 10% discount which lowers the original price to 156,- EUR. I paid it for 163,95 EUR because the shipping costs me 7,95 EUR.
I also have a  10% discount code which I can't use it by myself but you can!! ( I hope lol )
10% discount code: acyhoz

They claimend that it will take 3 days for the arrival of your package, but is it true? Hell yeah it's so fast. They ship with UPS shipping from Denmark to the Netherlands.
Please be aware that I'm talking about a webshop (KarmaloopNL) which is in serivce for Dutch residents.The shipment AND service of Karmaloop VS (and other countries) is not the same as KarmaloopNL.

Everything went well and on time. I received my E-mails, tracking code, just everything.
They also got me some candy. I WAS SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!! :D

No need to be afraid of. Just great and I'll definitely buy some more fashion next time.

Nadat ik heb betaald was ik opeens benieuwd of de reviews wel positief waren. De resultaten: verschrikkelijk. Gelukkig vond ik 1 positieve review van ongeveer een jaar geleden. Het was van een meisje dat Dr.Martens heeft gekocht en daar heel tevreden mee is. Na het lezen van haar review had ik al het idee dat de Nederlandse service van Karmaloop prima is, maar waarschijnlijk van andere wat minder is. Wauw dat was zo'n grote opluchting voor mij. Voor 7,95 EUR is de verzendkosten niet zo duur. Ze gebruiken de UPS verzending en de pakketjes worden vanuit Denemarken naar Nederland verstuurd. De wachttijd voordat het pakketje aankomt duurt volgens hun 3 dagen. Gelukkig duurt het bij mij ook 3 dagen :)

What's your lastest shoe purchase?

- A S H