Friday, February 6, 2015

DIY envelope pencil case

HELLO  h e l l o ~

Personal stuff - Scroll on for the tutorial.
Sorry for my inactivity! I've been so busy lately, simply because of school... *cries*
I've just got too many things to do for school which makes me feel uncomfortable when I'm doing fun stuff like watching anime, drawing and blogging. I've just watched Dead Parade because I couldn't wait any longer!! >.< I miss anime too much! And I still have to catch up some other new anime series and manga chapters. Not only that but I'm also worrying about my future. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WHEN I FAIL/PASS OR WHAT COURSE SHOULD I TAKE? and all that other shit. So, for the people who have the same problem as me about eduaction and feel like talking about that. Feel free to relax and talk with me on twitter lol *because I really do feel like talking about that* :'')
And sometimes, I get so tired of everything and and all I desire is some rest. Like a little escape from the real world and doing what you like. That's why I made a little envelope pencil case for myself.

NOTE: I'm really bad at explaining things, so I think that this tutorial isn't going to be helpful as I hoped for haha. (SORRY!)


- fabric
- plastic carpet
- needle & thread
- fabric scissors- pencil & fineliner
- ruler

My fabric is a bit on the thin side, that's why I folded it double to make it thicker.

Then I measured the width and marked it with a pencil.
Don't forget that you need some extra space for your pencils to move freely and also for the sewing parts. The width has to be at least 8-10cm wider than your pencils.

I did the same with the height. The measurement I chose was 36 cm long

Fold it in an envelope.

To achieve a perfect triangle, shove a ruler under the part you've folded so you're able to draw a perfect line.

BEFORE SEWING: make sure to flip your fabric inside out to get a cleaner look. The parts you've sewed won't be visible if you flip it back.

VERY IMPORTANT: don't sew the 20cmW side. You can only sew the two 36cmH sides and the triangle.

Measure the triangle. I used an old plastic carpet as material because of the thickness and flexibilty. This pencil case doesn't  have a zipper. You have to make the triangle a bit heavier and harder to prevent your pencils from falling out of the case.

It will look like this~

sew sew sew

sew sew sew

flip it inside out for the second time.

Get yo stuff
These are my most used  and basic art weapons to survive when  going outside.

And tada~

Thank you so much for reading.