Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FOOD - Oatmeal cookies (two-ingredients)

Healthy food, happy me. 

HELLO sup-sup, 

WHAT'S YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION? One of the most popular resolution is probably: sport more!! Get a perf body!! and so on. That's totally fine, but to achieve your goal, It's better not to forget your goal so easily, be as often as possible aware of that and to keep that all day, 24/7 in your mind. If you wake up, think: Hmmm what should I eat...TO GET MORE ENERGY FOR MUSCLE BUILDING!!

Something different than cornflakes or fresh eggs with bacon. I present: Oatmeal cookies. The most simplest recipe I know. Variation and openness is the key for a energetic lifestyle. Trying new stuff is great, so why not play and experiment with food and new ingredients?

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy~

 You only just need two ingredients: oatmeal and a banana. Nothing more, but to make it more nutritious and yummy, add more ingredients you like! Add  for instance roasted nuts, eggs, honey, cinnamon, cacao powder, dried fruit, dried bugs or just protein powder. These days I've noticed that the awareness of the great benefits of eating bugs has increased. I'm really glad about that and I'll definitely write something more about that interesting and controversial topic. 

I'm very sorry for not having the exact amount of ingredients to share you guys. What I simply did was mashing a banana and adding an amount of oatmeal till the texture of the mix become dry and solid.
After that, I heated up the pan, added some oil and baked the cookies until they become brownish gold.

To garnish the plain cookies: 
I added some yogurt, raspberries and some sweet sliced figs

I hope that I've inspired some of you!  *hopes*
Thank you very much for reading and visitng my blog. I'm really grateful for that.
Let me know if it's yummy or hella disgusting. (I expect the second one) lol
 Bye Bye -Ash