Friday, October 10, 2014

A F R : Akame ga Kill - onigiri

Anime Food Re-creation: Akame ga Kill (Episode 12) - Onigiri

Bringing anime food to life is kinda cute. The fun part is just the idea of eating the same meal as the character you like. It's like making a part of your little fantasy world come true. I have to admit that this one is very simpel and general, but I'll try next time to make it more specific! >.< Besides, finding stuff which are similar isn't that hard, but likely expensive. T^T So, I'll do my best to work with that
I filled the onigiri with: smoked mackerel, crab sticks, black fungus, sashimi soy sauce, wasabi, salt, sugar and pepper.
NOTE:  All ingredients were leftovers. That's why onigiri is the perfect dish to use up your leftovers!

Thank you for reading ^^
- A s h

-gerookte makreel
-krab sticks
-black fungus
-sashimi soja saus
-suiker,peper en zout

Alle ingrediënten waren resten van de vorige maaltijden. Dat was niet erg, want ze smaken heerlijk samen! Van oude resten nieuwe dingen maken voelt altijd goed. Onigiri is het perfecte gerecht om je restjes eten op te maken.

ken je Akame ga Kill en onigiri al?

hugs from,

- Ash