Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SKINCARE - The Bodyshop skintools



Having nice skin is important for me. It shines healthiness and makes me feel like I look healthy without make up as well. When I was younger, I got blemishes all over my face, a few pimples and scars on my forehead and chin. Just all over my T-zone I guess. It doesn't really matter if I got pimples or not, my face without BBcream/foundation makes my natural skintone look kinda sick. My perception of beauty is healthiness, which include being grateful, happy and feeling well.

My first impression was: oh what nice, a little facial brush and also so soft. Seems handy to use it with my cleansing foam and to scrub my nose and other areas with big pores. After I used that tool for several times I began to regret my purchase LOL. The brush is not soft at all, after you make it wet, it feels hard and rigid on my skin. You have to be really gentle with your skin and with this tool, I basically feel like I'm damaging my skin. I think this tool looks cute and handy, but it's unnecessary and waste of money. Unfortunately, that little cap is also not so useful. The brush is wet after you've used it. If you directly use the cap afterwards, your brush won't dry that well which makes your brush smell not nice. You can only use the cap for travel and not daily I guess.

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Ash and what you like to do in your free time? Oh I see,
I like to squeeze blackheads in my free time. 

That incredible feeling when you know that dirty shit is out of your skin. HAHA. Most of the time I do this treatment with my filthy fingers and nails. Now you can realize how lazy and sloppy I can be in real life. After you popped one little blackhead, you'll get addicted and pop even more shit outta your nose till you feel the burning pain and realize you've actually just raped your nose with your filthy fingers and nails. Then, it all begins: I'll regret and start crying in front of the mirror as an ugly monkey with a big swollen nose and with at least ten fingernails imprints on it. BUT if you want to squeeze blackheads, just do it better:  with a blackhead remover tool!! But my BIG TIP is, just scrub gently or make a natural blackhead mask yourself with just one egg. Much better than harming your little sensitive nose.

This tool is nice to use when you still want to pop blackheads instead of doing my recommended alternative treatments I mentioned above.
Both tools cost: €5,-  and the quality of the blackhead remover tool is definitely 5/5!

Thank you for reading.
Do you like popping blackheads too? *puts ugly face on*
- A s h