Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FOOD - Strawbrerry & frozen yoghurt

''I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.''

HELLO hello~

I've just tried this for the first time after I saw the idea on pinterest. I really like the app. It's like tumblr but more organised, useful and I guess creative as well. Tumblr has more fandom, bullshit and specific stuff which is great for my anime fetish cravings.  ^^

I'm used to eat strawberries with chocolate, but I never knew that this combo was possible as well. Sooooo, time to experiment and fuck things up! *Sorry I love to use harsh words*

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A perfect replacement for ice cream.
For the people who are on diet OR on a suger diet is this the perfect replacement for ice cream. I've seen loads of ppl doing the suger diet somehow, they avoid eating sugar but do eat fruit. If you feel like eating something super fresh, cold and milkey, this is great for you ^^ But I prefer eating strawberries without freezing it, because I like the soft texture and the sweetness. The strawberries will lose a bit of its sweetness if you're going to freeze it.

You'll probably wonder why you see some green parts in the yoghurt. Don't worry I used two different kinds of yoghurt. The green one is pistachio.

My lifestyle INSTAGRAM

My favourite summer fruit.