Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I'm wearing...Yes, yes that's correct: Deep fried sea.

 Oh man.. I've got so many ideas to write about, but I decided to start with the easiest topic. I mean, every topic seems actually kinda easy to me, because writing about what you like is easy~ ^^ But writing about about fashion; Woah, that's nice!! The best part of writing a fashion article is making up a name for your outfit and after that I'm always like: ''BRUH YOUR NAME MAKES SO LESS SENSE'' :'') I actually wanted to name this outfit ''deep fried chicken'' or something with ''KFC'' lololo


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- A S H

But gal, what are you really wearing?

#NEWBALANCE1300 sneakers
#HEMA woolen socks
#BUMPER yellow sweater
#STREETONE denim jeans

One BIG love for socks, especially woolen ones. Gotta catch em all right.

I got it from a local thriftshop and customized a bit. I was somehow too lazy to crop the upper side, so the jeans is still too loose for me. To prevent walking while everyone sees my underwear: SUSPENDERS!!
Oh, and the jeans cost me for only about 4 hehe

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Thank you~